Saturday, January 11, 2014

Trader made $41 Million in 3 years

In this video you will hear about Karen, who made $41 million in 3 years trading options.  I looked her up on google using different keywords to see if I could get information on her or her hedge fund, but no success.  And the fact that tastytrade did not reveal her last name indicates that she enjoys her privacy.  So for now we'll just have to take her word on what she says.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lesson 1 - Pandora Media Inc

As I look at the after-hours price quote of Pandora being down 18% from the close I can't help but nudge myself to stick to common sense when fear is the issue...

Since yesterday I was thinking of playing Pandora to the downside, mainly because there have been a few months now that I haven't heard any advertising between songs which used to occur every 30 minutes or so on the Pandora radio; and then there is the whole case where musicians are taking Pandora to court.  So in doing simple math we have a company that for the last quarter of the year has not received any income plus has had lawyer fees to weigh in on its budget.  This was a screaming short, but I just didn't have the guts to get in on the game.

Before the market closed the Dec12 $10 Put was selling for $1.20, tomorrow morning at the open it will be worth at least $2.20, a 83.33% gain.

Lesson Learned.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Justice For The Republicans

I'm a republican, whatever that means.  I find that taxing justice is the basis of equal percentage between all citizens.  If a rich citizen decides to pay a higher percentage it should be based on his decision alone, there shall be no governmental enforcement; whatever extra percentage a rich citizen decides to give should be considered as good will, not obligation.

One could argue that the choice to not do good is evil, and it might even be so.  This evil should not be seen as a crime, but a lack of morality, which all peoples lack in one way or another.  If this is to be a crime than it makes it even more outrageous that people are not incarcerated for committing themselves to abortion after 4 months of pregnancy.

The law is far from perfect, but it must continue walking forward in the right direction...not backwards.